Selection committee

  • Siegrid Demyttenaere

    Co-Publisher and Co-Editor of DAMN° Magazine,
    Art Director

  • Marcus Fairs

    Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Dezeen Magazine

  • Constance Rubini

    Director MADD-bordeaux,
    President of CNAP – Centre National d’Art Plastique, France

  • Alice Stori Liechtenstein

    Design Curator,
    Founder of Schloss Hollenegg for Design

COLLECTIBLE is fostering strong collaborations with museums, institutions, specialised media, material company and food design studios. These are all part of the platform we create to offer visitors the best experience of contemporary collectible design.


  • General Scenography by Studio Verter (The Netherlands)

    Studio Verter is an architecture practice based in Rotterdam. Established in 2014, Studio Verter is a collaboration between Claudio Saccucci and Roxane van Hoof, working in the fields of architecture, research and education.

  • Curated Show Scenography by Sophie Dries (France)

    Sophie Dries Architect is a Paris & Milan based design studio. She has been collaborating for several years with multiple luxury interior design & architecture offices in Paris such as Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Pierre Yovanovitch or Christian Liaigre. With the support of her team Arthur Cany & Marta Gruca, Emaillerie Belge, Plasticiet and Vrydaghs.

  • COLLECTIBLE Design Advisory Service Guiding you in acquiring collectible design (in collaboration with dotsandplanes)

    Unique to design fairs, COLLECTIBLE has dedicated a space on the 5th floor of the Vanderborght where you can receive guidance in making your first steps into buying contemporary collectible design. The same way art advisor works in the field of contemporary art, COLLECTIBLE has commissioned dotsandplanes to welcome our visitors desiring to know more about our exhibitors and how they can start collecting. In a lounge specifically designed for this purpose, they will share insights in the contemporary design scene, present must-sees and facilitate introductions to COLLECTIBLE’s exhibitors.

    dotsandplanes is the network organisation founded by An Michiels and Joost Vanhecke that specialises in curated inspiration tours and programmes for interior designers and architects. For COLLECTIBLE, they broaden their expertise to benefit our collectors and guide them in the world of collectible design to help them find pieces that answer their desire for unique, beautiful and personalised environments.

  • The Kids Corner (in collaboration with EcoBirdy & CID (Centre for Innovation and Design in Grand-Hornu))

    Located on the panoramic floor of the building (+5), the Kids Corner welcomes your children from 4 to 12 years, during opening hours on Saturday 16 March (12:00 pm to 8:00 pm) and Sunday 17 (12:00 pm to 7:00 pm) to participate to an original and sustainable workshop given by the educational team of the Centre for Innovation and Design in Grand-Hornu (CID).

    The scenography of the Kids Corner is made by EcoBirdy designs which creates unique and beautiful furniture pieces entirely made recycled plastic waste. All of the design, recycling and production of are done in Europe.


  • Undoing the mass production damage: why are collectible designers turning to re-use of waste materials? (Moderated by: Laura Houseley (Editor in Chief Modern Design Review, owner MDR Gallery))

    Design has always been marked by choice of material and how they are handled, used and crafted. The current panorama of the young creation shows a overwhelming use of waste material such as leather, jeans, newspaper, plastic, etc. Collectible designers are aligning strong design with a strong ecological message as if they tried to undo the damages of mass production. What sort of practices can be highlighted, why is there such a predominance these days and what are the actual impacts?

    With: Jan Boelen (Artistic Director Z33 in Hasselt & Atelier LUMA in Arles), Wendy Andreu (Designer), Théophile Blandet (Designer), Roxane Lahidji (Designer)

  • The collectible design ecosystem: what can we learn from the art world? (Moderated by: Gabrielle Kennedy (DAMN° Editor))

    Contemporary collectible design is increasingly present on the forefront of the design scene with new events converging art and design. That section of design tends to follow a system that is well known by the art crowd: galleries, representations, fairs, secondary market. This departs greatly from the regular product design system that is made of brands and large studios. If art has developed a reputation of unregulated market, it seems that design is even further from any form of regulations, contractual relationships, etc. Is there anything design can learn from the art market? Is it even desirable? How can we contribute to make this ecosystem healthy and benefitting for the designers?

    With: Valérie Maltaverne (founder YMER&MALTA), Antonella Villanova (Owner and Director GALLERIA ANTONELLA VILLANOVA)

  • Design in public collections (Moderated by: Dieter Van Den Storm)

    What does a design collection represent today? How does public and private institutions define the orientation of their collection? How to distinguish it from an art collection? What are the challenges for the selection? What are the issues faced in conservation? What are the iconic pieces? What are the procedures regarding acquisition and donation? Major French and Belgian institutions will try to answer those questions through three presentations: The design collection, decorative arts and craftsmanship of the CNAP, the collecting agency of France; The design collection of the Centre Pompidou: from modernity to numerical technology andDesign collection in Belgium. Three stories.

    With: Marie-Ange Brayer (Head of the design and prospective industries department of the Mnam-Cci, Centre Pompidou), Sandra Cattini (head of the design collection and decorative arts of the Cnap- National Center of Fine Arts) and Marie Pok (director of CID, Centre for Innovation and Design in Grand-Hornu)

Food Design Experiences

  • Culinary Chief Isabelle Arpin & Designer Charles Kaisin (Belgium)

    “La Vie En Rose” by Isabelle Arpin & Charles Kaisin crafted an experience set inside a pink monochrome.

  • Diptych (The Netherlands)

    Dedicated to the materiality of desires and the visualisation of cravings, *diptych*. lets you immerse in a moment of fine dining that will expose you to unique flavour design. The dishes are created on the spot by artist Ola Lanko and introduce a different perspective on contemporary collectible design.

  • The Eatelier (The Netherlands)

    The Eatelier is a food design studio, which focuses on translating scientific research, socio-cultural trends and technological innovation into the world of food.

  • Sonia Verguet (France)

    For COLLECTIBLE 2019, Sonia Verget presented Let’s play ! and inventory