Selection committee 2018

  • Jan Boelen

    Artistic Director Z33 in Hasselt
    & Atelier LUMA in Arles,
    Curator 4th Istanbul Biennale,
    Head of Social Design,
    Design Academy Eindhoven

  • Tony Chambers

    Brand & Content Director, Wallpaper* Magazine

  • Maria Cristina Didero

    Independent Curator and Writer

  • Pascale Mussard

    Artistic Director Hermès petit h

COLLECTIBLE, is fostering strong collaborations with museums, institutions, specialised media, material company and food design studio. These are all part of the platform we create to offer visitors the best experience of contemporary collectible design.

Institutions 2018

  • CID Grand Hornu (Belgium)

    The CID, center for innovation and design, is part of the Grand-Hornu site which also hosts the MAC’s (Museum of Contemporary Arts), which became one of the leading Belgian cultural center, after being one of the jewels in the crown of Belgian industry.

  • Design museum Gent (Belgium)

    At COLLECTIBLE, the Design museum Gent featured a preview of a film by designer and filmmaker Alexandre Humbert on this spectacular relocation of the collection.

  • FRAC Grand Large — Hauts-de-France (France)

    Located on the port of Dunkirk, the FRAC Grand Large (Regional Funds of Contemporary Art) is situated in a remarkable building conceived by the architects Lacaton & Vassal. With more than 1,600 pieces of art and design, the FRAC Grand Large is the only one to own a collection dedicated to design.

  • Horta Museum (Belgium)

    The meeting of Victor Horta and Pierre Bonnefille is so evident here. The house of the great Art Nouveau architect and the works of the French artist both demonstrate a unique attention to the play of shadows and textures, color and space, inspired by mineral and vegetal patterns. 

Media 2018

  • DAMN° ( feat. Studio Dessuant Bone (FR))

    DAMN° is an independent publication with open-minded views on the interchangeable worlds of design, architecture and art.

  • MacGuffin (feat. Alexandre Humbert (FR))

    For COLLECTIBLE, MacGuffin Magazine presented the installation One and Three Cabinet by Alexandre Humbert. With this collaboration, Humbert, the founder of Object Interview, gives a tribute to Joseph Kosuth’s 1965 iconic work One and Three Chairs, exploring the Object Interview-process and relating it to the layered construction of the magazine. 

  • Modern Design Review (feat. Anton Alvarez (US), James Shaw (UK), Thomas Ballouhey (NL) and Studio Mieke Meijer (NL))

    Modern Design Review will present a collection of works with a strong and timely narrative, thereby reflecting the editorial direction of their publication. The works will be from designers featured in the new issue of the magazine, including Anton Alvarez,  James Shaw and Thomas Ballouhey.

  • Sight Unseen (feat. Mimi Jung (US) and Chen Chen & Kai Williams (US))

    For its showcase at COLLECTIBLE, Sight Unseen has chosen Mimi Jung and Chen Chen & Kai Williams to present brand new, complementary collections.

  • TLmag (feat. with Spazio Nobile Phantasmagoria Group Show with Laetitia Bica (BE), Chen & Williams (US), Alexia de Ville (BE), Kaspar Hamacher (BE), Isaac Monté (BE), Kustaa Saksi (FI), Bela Silva (PT), Frederik Vercruysse (BE))

    TLmag is an international biannual print and online magazine dedicated to curating and capturing the collectible culture.

Food & Drinks 2018

Restaurant by Point Albert

Caterer Point Albert hosts a rooftop restaurant offering exquisite savoury culinary experiences made with carefully selected seasonal products.

Bar by The HOPE

The HOPE, a Brussels-based not-for-profit association that combines drinks, food, art, design and music, presents a real bar as a decor in a booth. Like a booth to booze. During the fair The HOPE will give you a bit of art, a bit of drink and—what we’ve been told—the best sandwiches in town